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Community First

$BSWT tokens are distributed fairly to protocol participants and Liquidity Providers, who can participate in governance and vote democratically on protocol changes.


We pioneered ideas such as Liquidity Bootstrapping Event and plan to continue doing so with further novel initiatives.


BaySwap is permissionless, meaning anybody can list tokens without needing KYC.

Yield Farming

One of the criteria features of BaySwap is Yield Farming activities. In short, 78% of the total supply is distributed to the community. BaySwap's team only holds a small amount to keep development active.

Efficient Transaction Fees

We focus on cost optimization while ensuring correctness. We provide a near-zero-cost solution for all Traders & Liquidity Providers on our DEX.

Multiple Liquidity Curves

Constant Product Formula (x * y = k):

A constant product formula is a formula that never changes irrespective of the size of the trade or asset that an investor is trading. The rules of that trade and the price changes that accompany it are always the same.
The Constant Product Formula is x * y = k. It requires that the total amount of liquidity remains constant. That’s the k in the formula. x and y represent the two tokens being invested in the liquidity pool. The value of those two tokens must always be k. So as the value of y increases, the value of x must decrease, and vice versa.
This formula applies to each transaction’s price regardless of how much of either token is bought or sold at any given point.

Stablecoin Curve (x*y³ + y*x³ = k):

The Stablecoin curve is a cutting-edge solution to avoid high slippage when swapping two stablecoins (like USDT, BUSD)

Fast, Secure, and Friendly UX/UI:-

Bay Swap is built upon SUI Blockchain which is the fastest blockchain currently. BaySwap is written in Move language.
Move is a smart contract language built on top of Rust language, which ensures security for Dapp on SUI. Bay Swap UI/UX is simple and intuitive to interact with and trade your assets.