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Yield Farming on BaySwap

How does Yield Farming on BaySwap work?

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    First of all, you need to take part in Provide Liquidity any pair on BaySwap to receive LP Token (LPs). Note that, each pair has each LPs type.
  2. 2.
    If this pair has an active Farm (check the active Farms on tab "Farm/Earn", which coming soon on testnet/devnet/mainnet), these LPs can be used to stake to earn reward from that moment on.
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    Once you have staked your LPs, you can withdraw accrued $BWST rewards anytime you want. $BSWT rewards will be calculated in the second unit (which means every single second). You won't need to wait a fixed period of time to claim/harvest your collected rewards. In other words, you stake at any time and claim your collected rewards at any time.
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    If you add additional LPs to a farm, your pending rewards will be automatically sent to you. Pending rewards are calculated since your last action (deposit/withdraw). Then, you start earning new rewards based on your new LPs amount
When we mention "stake" action, it means you deposit your LP token into Staking Smart Contract, it's quite different from the "stake" term of SUI Blockchain.